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Museum of the Republic of Montefiorino and the Italian Resistance

Montefiorino City Council - 2015

The experience of the Republic of Montefiorino has acquired a strong historic-symbolic value because in an Italy overrun by the German army, it was the first attempt to occupy a territory on a stable basis and set up a democratic council administration elected by the people. The Museum of the Republic of Montefiorino and of the Italian Resistance was founded in the light of the will to perpetuate and renew the memory and ideal legacy of this extraordinary experience and of the fight for freedom through a modern display, enhanced by new technologies and by the latest exhibition strategies, yet still mindful of the particular nature of the physical space (a medieval fortress) and the place (the area liberated in 1944) where the Museum is situated. The media-architectural project was designed to give visitors the chance to access a great amount of information, while also giving space to the many historical objects that the museum disposes of. During the planning stage, shapes, materials and forms of display were chosen so as to integrate the museum display with the rooms of the fortress as well as possible, with the greatest respect for a wonderful historical setting.
The itinerary moves through nine rooms focusing on different themes, in which the direct re-enactment of the past takes place through artefacts, testimonies and the use of advanced multimedia technologies. In every room, visitors are presented with a lectern which introduces the historical theme in question, with one or more glass and steel vitrines displaying original objects, and an interactive installation providing more detailed information and context, thus allowing visitors to shift continually (and independently) between local and national events, and between the past and the present.

Year: 2015
Promoting Body: Comune di Montefiorino
Scientific Committee: Giuliano Albarani, Mirco Carrattieri, Lauretta Longagnani, Fabio Manfredi, Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Luciano Ruggi, Laura Zona (con la collaborazione di Istituto Luce, Istituto Storico di Modena, Istoreco di Reggio Emilia)
Historical project and museum itinerary: Mirco Carrattieri, Fabio Manfredi
Implementation of museum display: Neon King
Furnishings: Visual
Graphic: Alessia Bursi, Enzo Pancaldi


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