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The garden hosts a major multimedia installation, with light sculpture and sound. This is a surface which was redefined and designed so as to link up with various rooms around the structure. Visitors may sit in the centre of the installation as if in a ‘reverse’ amphitheatre, in which it is the show that surrounds and envelops the spectators with sound and light. The area is equipped with Cor-Ten steel benches and concrete seating, designed for Unipol, on which the company’s values are engraved in Braille. The second part of the installation is housed in the second garden, where LED light columns mark out the path that links the wings of the building.
Lastly, the CUBO gardens feature a circular stage, entirely in Cor-Ten steel and completed with concrete and Cor-Ten seating. This area of the garden was designed to host the shows listed in the CUBO events calendar.

The light installation, made up of 41 LED bars, may be found in the two gardens of the building and, technologically speaking, is the most complex element of the CUBO project. Every column is made up of a matrix of 3,072 high-luminosity RGB LED lights, giving a total of 125,952 LEDs, controlled individually from the server room through 2.75 km of optic fibre. The columns are designed for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An internal cooling system makes it possible to maintain a constant temperature, and air is funnelled across the front layer of glazing in order to avoid misting.
In the part of the garden lying between the two wings of CUBO where the installation becomes circular, and audio system is installed, diffusing sound 360°, enveloping those spectators at the centre of the installation. The installation was designed to visualise various types of contents: the planned shows, content feeds via software channels, evolving over time to become more informative and interactive, and thus generated in real-time via network communications.

Year: 2014
LED Display and Lighting: efour
Audio System: d&b audiotechnik


Unipol 017 (Large)

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